Afghan Food and Music

Some snippets from our previous  cultural and culinary events about Afghanistan

Our Afghan cooking instructor introduced a grateful audience to the cuisine of Afghanistan with many memorable dishes: Aushak, Boroni Bademjan, sour cherry chutney, cilantro chutney and Dosh Kabob.   Ashak, also known as Afghan raviolis, has to be one of our favorite new recipes! It takes some time to prepare, but the flavor combinations of coriander, cayenne, gandana/tareh and kashk make it irresistible!



We were introduced to many Afghan singers.  One of the memorable singers, whose voice and talents we were all interested in learning more about, was Mr. Zahir Howaida. Unfortunately this particular singer– with the  incredibly rich,  deep and soulful voice is no longer with us. Mr. Zahir Howaida died in Germany too young at the age of 67. He was a popular singer in Afghanistan and lived there until he moved to Germany after the fall of the Communist government in Afghanistan. Listening to this song will help listeners to understand why he was such a beloved singer in Afghanistan.  His son– Arash Howaida,  who sings in a completely different style,  is currently a popular singer among the Afghan diaspora.