Falafel with zip!

Falafel sandwiches--who hasn’t had one? Falafel with tahini, falafel with tzatziki–in pita bread, on a plate with lettuce and cucumber etc. etc. etc., sure they are nice–but why settle for nice when there is fantastic?  An Iraqi falafel in the hands of a food-loving Iraqi chef is perfection in a roll!  Iraqi falafel is slightly greener, slightly crispier and served smothered in amba in a fresh baked roll.  Amba is a tangy sauce made from a mango base with a curry zip.

And if you are in San Diego the perfect place to grab one of these is in El Cajon at a little restaurant called  Al Alzayem.  This is a link to their web site.  I’ll drive half an hour for one of these sandwiches!


(And–full disclosure ,I know the chef; he taught some fun cooking classes for Culture and Cuisine–but I developed a hankering for these sandwiches long before I met Chef Mazin and his wonderful family.)