Iraqi Food and Music

Some snippets about food and music from our previous cultural and culinary  events.

Over the course of many Iraqi culinary and cultural evenings Chef Mazin introduced an appreciative audience to the flavors of Iraqi cuisine with such varied dishes as chicken biryani, qoozi sham, fattoush, a delicious bulgur and tomato dish, Iraqi flatbread with za’atar, dolma,  perfect hummus and many others.


One of the many memorable Iraqi musical artists, whose music we were introduced to, was Ilham al Madfai…a world famous Iraqi-born singer. He currently lives in Jordan and plays concerts around the world. His virtuoso guitar playing catches the listener’s immediate attention, but it’s  the  story-telling quality of his voice that makes even those  who don’t understand the Arabic lyrics want to stay and listen! 

His web site. His songs can also be purchased on Amazon

He has a Facebook page too…

The link below is  from a rare BBC interview with Ilham Al Madfai recorded in English that takes place in Jordan.  In this interview, among other topics, he talks about Baghdad –his beautiful and sad song of remembrance that makes so many exiled Iraqis cry–so I’m told by exiled Iraqis.  Even if you don’t understand Arabic you can hear the longing in his voice.


Here is an Ilham Al Madfai playlist.  Go to Amazon to get more.:-)