Our World Interviews Gilberto Terrrazas Gaxiola


There are many reasons to visit Tijuana, but acquainting yourself with the work of young Mexican artists is probably one of the best reasons to explore the city.   Gilberto Terrazas Gaxiola is one of those artists whose work immediately intrigues viewers.  His subject matter, technical abilities, sense of composition, and  style of painting, captivated my attention from the first moment I saw one of his paintings in the La Caja Gallery in Tijuana.

This short video, which Mr. Gaxiola, and La Caja Gallery are  graciously sharing with Our World Interviews,  describes a bit about  his artistic background and his work. Enjoy!

English Summary of video: This artist’s name  is  Gilberto Terrazas Gaxiola. He is a visual artist, who   graduated from the Universidad  Autonoma de Baja California. From the time (since) he was a young child, (or, since childhood) he has been interested in drawing, painting and modeling with clay/or play dough like material.  Creating art gave him a way to express himself and how he felt—it was a way to communicate, he explains. Later, after  his university studies of subjects such as philosophy, history and more, Mr. Gaxiola says he found additional  ways to express himself.

Now, he says, he is in the process of better understanding himself and his creative process.  He is interested in understanding what gives him artistic pleasure and what interests him about art.  “One way to describe my creative process” he says, is “with his paintings.” He wants people to look at his paintings to figure out what they mean.  He uses these figures in his paintings to convey his ideas.

By using these figures he has found a connection between figurative language (poetic speech) and the language that we usually use. He uses these figures to convey something new that we might not have found interesting before.

Mr. Gaxiola explains that even though he started as a traditional artist, he is now open to many different artistic disciplines and other artistic languages to express  himself.   Contemporary art doesn’t negate using traditional methods, he explains. Mr. Gaxiola notes that there are many paintings that reflect a way of thinking about the 21st century that are very open and pluralistic. But there are others, even those developed with advanced technology,  that are rooted in a conservative and reactionary way of thinking. He explains that new technology doesn’t guarantee new ways of thinking; he believes it all has to do with the thinking and approach that we want to take!


Verbssoy artista plástico visual—I am a visual artist, egresado de la facultad—graduated from  school (the Universidad  Autónoma de Baja California), desde muy pequeño—since I was very young (or, since childhood), mostré un interés en –showed an interest in, dibujar—drawing, encontré-found, fue precisamente—was exactly/precisely, concebí- I conceived, inquietar—disquiet, describir—to describe, he podido encontrar-I could find, camuflar-camouflage, no se refleja la negación—doesn’t reflect the negation or denial

Vocabularyalgo que en mi mente surgía—something that arose in my mind, carrera—career, hoy en día ya no es tanto mi interés—these days that doesn’t interest me, en el camino fui encontrando-on the way I was finding, figuras retóricas—rhetorical figures, vía de posibilidades—many pathways, sentimientos—feelings, por eso mismo—for that reason, he podido darle—I could give you, un sentido distinto—a different sense, sentido propio—strict sense or proper sense(here he means the narrow definition of what the language means), aunque empecé—although I began, medios tradicionales—traditional methods, sistema de pensamiento—way of thinking, conservador y reaccionario—conservative and reactionary, plenamente—completely, sinónimo de garantía—doesn’t guarantee success, planteamiento—approach or way of looking

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 The La Caja Gallery in Tijuana