Our World Interviews-Interview with Award Winning Architect in French


A quick note to listeners…in order to gain the most utility from these interviews, read the questions, summary  and vocabulary first,  then listen and  discuss.:-)

Our World interview with an award winning architect and professor of Urban Studies

 Part 1 Description or Summary:first part of the answer : When he was a child / Quand il était enfant

Question”Good morning, our interview today is with an architect and urban studies professor who is active in the discussion and promotion of urban resilience.” 

 ”First maybe you can tell us why you decided to become an architect and how did you become interested in the concepts of urban sustainability and urban resilience?”

Important verbs:  Jouer : to play        Mettre en place: to set up /appréhender:to comprehend/      Exprimer : to express      Créer mon propre espace: to create my own space / dessiner: to draw

Important vocabulary: Ma trajectoire personnelle et professionnelle : my personal and professional background,      Un but : A goal,   une feuille de papier: a sheet of paper,      Dans ma chambre: in my bedroom

The architectural studies/les études d’architecture

Important verbs:  Enseigner: to teach,    Ressentir : to feel ,    Mettre en valeur : to emphasize/to show off to advantage

Important vocabulary:   L’ Expression écrite et orale: oral and written  expression,   Les atouts: the assets        Façon de m’exprimer: way to express myself ,      A travers le dessin : through the drawing,    Pas très doué en dessin: not very gifted in drawing ,     Les clefs: the keys,      Le bâtiment : le building,     Un contexte géographique, climatique, économique et environnemental : geographic, climatic, economic and environmental background


Part 2 Description or Summary: L’architecte décrit comment il s’est intéressé au concept de l’urbanisme durable .       The architect describes how he became interested in the concept of  urban sustainability.


Question“Well, this is extremely interesting, can you now explain to us the concept of urban sustainability and how you got interested in (to) urban sustainability?”

Important verbs:  finir—to finish, faire—to do, etre—to be, prévaloir –to prevail,  appliquer-to apply

Important vocabulary: les études d’architecture– The architectural studies, architecture du paysage—landscape architecture, la connaissance-the knowledge, le développement durable-the sustainability, Le confort acoustique, thermique – Acoustic and thermic comfort,         L’isolation- the insulation,  l’usager-the user


Part 3 Description or Summary: 

L’architecte expresse son opinion sur “l’échelle urbaine. “ The architect express his opinion on “the urban scale.”


Question: “So what do you think about the “urban scale?”

Important verbs: démolir-destroy, rénover-renovate, analyser-analyze, participer- to contribute,

Important vocabulary: une quartier sensible –a deprived area,  une ville-a city, l’urbanisme-a city planning


Part 4 Description or Summary: L‘architecte explique le concept de l’urbanisme durable.   The architect explains the concept of urban sustainability.


Question: “ So, who is talking about the concept of urban sustainability in the universities today, in particular which departments are working on this?  And also maybe you can define the concept of urban resilience as opposed to urban sustainability, and explain a little bit (more about) this second concept.”

Important verbs: vivre-to live, implanter-to implant, adapter-to adapt

Important vocabulary: : primordial-essential,  la crise-the crisis, l’outil-the tool, A échelle mondiale-world scale, des situations imprévues-unexpected situations, utile-useful, le changement climatique- climate change


Part 5 Description or Summary:  Le professeur donne son opinion sur la façon dont les jeunes architectes devraient être initier à ce concept.   The professor gives his opinion on how young architects should be introduced to  this concept.

Question: What should young architectural students be learning about these concepts?

Important verbs: initier- to introduce, réagir-to react, intervenir-intervene,

Important vocabulary: les jeunes-young people, des attributs-the attributes, en fonction de-according to,  l’ordinateur-the computer.


Part 6 Description or Summary: Pour l’architecte, ce concept doit être développé dans toutes les villes. For the architect, this concept must  be developed in all the cities.


Question:  “So, are you hopeful about the future of the world’s cities?”

Important verbs: imposer-to impose, réduire-reduce, encourager- encourage, promouvoir-to promote, permettre-to allow,

Important vocabulary: : les critères-criteria, le projet-clé-key project, la consommation-the consomption, la personne-clé-key informant,

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