Our World Interviews- La Famille Léger

Continuing with our series, in English and French, about Acadian musical traditions, is a post about an absolutely wonderful band called the Famille Léger.  Their  beautiful voices, their fiddling, their melodies–every aspect of their wonderful music will put a jump in your step and a smile on your face–seriously!

They have a great and helpful website for language learners and music lovers alike. They  feature their music, as well as quite a bit of bilingual content:-)


text from their website-highlighting and audio by Culture and Cuisine

“Born of a time when family and friends would gather in the warmth of the kitchens of Québec and New Brunswick to play and dance time-honoured tunes together, La Famille Léger keeps that rich tradition vitally alive. The Légers play the dancing music of French Canada - the music handed down through generations in the New World, the music of back porches and kitchen parties. Patriarch Louis Léger leads the band on the one-row melodeon (a type of button accordion), son Devon plays fiddle, Devon’s mom Barbara plays guitar and his wife, Dejah is on piano. This proudly “old school family band will have your own family dancing and joining in on the fun.” “Au Québec et au Nouveau-Brunswick, il fut un temps où la famille et les amis se réunissaient dans la cuisine pour faire de la musique, chanter et danser. La Famille Léger garde cette riche tradition du bon vieux temps bien vivante. Les Léger jouent la musique à danser du Canada français, des mélodies transmises de génération en génération dans le Nouveau Monde et des airs pour fêter sur la véranda ou dans la cuisine. Avec son mélodéon (un accordéon à boutons), le patriarche Louis Léger dirige la famille, composée de son fils Devon au violon, de la mère de Devon, Barbara, à la guitare, ainsi que de la femme de Devon, Dejah, au piano. Cette famille de la « vieille école » saura amuser et faire danser toute la famille!”


For a treasure trove  of information about Acadian fiddlers (as well as more bilingual French and English content) go to:


You will be able to listen to music, as well as learn more about this rich musical tradition!

(shared with permission and gratitude)