Our World Interviews–La Mazmorra de Pacheco

Our first video interview  is with the  wonderfully humorous  group called La Mazmorra de Pacheco from Madrid–Justo, Chemi, Piru and the mysterious lady behind the camera. They educate people about games in a highly entertaining way; and are also working on developing methodologies that use games  to learn  languages.

It may be accessed via Youtube here:

Valuable verbs, vocabulary and expressions can be found under the summaries at the bottom of this page.

Question 1.  Can you tell our audience  about La Mazmorra de Pacheco—who  are you and what the title of your group and website means?  Tell me about it my friends  :-)

Summary:  La Mazmorra de Pacheco—Pacheco was a toy pet (associated with their games); La Mazmorra is a combination of traditional games, as well as something taken from the television show the Simpsons.  In the Simpsons there is a guy that sells comics and in Spanish it is called La Mazmorra del Androide.

Question 2.  I like games because of  the decisions we have to make, the strategies we have to think about,  what we learn about ourselves and our friends, and of course because they are fun.   Why do you guys like playing games?

Summary: They like games because it is a good way to get together and have fun with friends they say.   The woman behind the camera jokingly says that she likes games because there are so few places where people can die without someone going to jail. One of the gentlemen said that one can become the main actor/protagonist and his or her own adventure.  Also they pointed out, jokingly,  that they had to make videos of something,  and  they don’t have a cat; they are not handsome, and they don’t dance, so that’s why they  create these videos.

Question 3.  I always learn something new about my friends when we play games.  What sort of things have you learned about your friends when you play games with them?

Summary: One of the gentleman jokingly said that he just learned that the beautiful woman behind the camera   likes to see people die. And the other gentleman said that this makes them all afraid (all in jest.)  They say they know each other really well, (they call each other tíos) but one gentleman says that the gentleman in the middle always wins.  And he responds that he doesn’t  even have any sleeves to do tricks. The man says he is  just lucky, that is his strategy—it’s beginner’s luck. The other gentleman responds that he is not a beginner.

Question 4.  Very briefly, very briefly, what are some of the essential ingredients for a good game?

Summary: They like cooperative games.  The gentleman on the left says that it’s a difficult question to answer about what makes a good game. The man in the middle says that a game must have a good story. The “beautiful”  girl behind the camera insists the games must have things that kill.:-) (She’s joking!!!!)  Each time you play a game, the game should give you something back, one of the men says.  Also, the game should be innovative, responds the gentleman on the right.  The gentleman on the left said the game has to have a good mix of good mechanics and a good story.

Question 5.  I think playing games is a great way to practice another language.  Are there any games that you would recommend for people who want to practice Spanish?

Summary: The gentleman on the left likes the game Dixit for learning Spanish, because there are words, colors and forms.  He also likes a game called  Sharks  (tiburones) and another game about robots.  Almost any easy game counts he says.   Another game the gentleman in the middle mentions is  Story Cubes . Games where you use the language in a combination with  Story Cubes game are good he explains.

Question 6.  So, who is the most competitive player in your group that you play with on Youtube?

Summary: Everybody agrees that Piru (the gentleman on the right) is the most competitive and always wins, even if it’s third place.

Question 8.  Which game would you most want to play with someone famous– either alive or deceased?

Summary:  The important thing is not the game, but who you are playing with—the lady behind the camera says. The gentleman on the left says that he would like to play Dungeons and Dragons with Gary Gygax and Dave Anderson—the creators of Dungeons and Dragons.  The one in the middle says that he would like to play strategy games with any politician. But they jokingly say they can’t think of any politician right now.  The woman behind the camera says that she would like to play with Cleopatra. The guys respond ( in jest) that they would kill the people together!

9.  How do people learn more about  La Mazmorra de Pacheco ?

Summary: They say you can learn more about them by watching their videos; there are more than 200 and twenty videos.  And only in one do you see the beautiful camera lady the man in the middle mentions!  They invite everyone to visit them in Madrid to play games–and they said they are not joking.  You can find them on Youtube and Facebook.  It was a pleasure to meet you they say.  In the end they remind us that this has been just one part of La Mazmorra de Pachecho,  there is so much more!

Valuable verbs, expressions and vocabulary

Verbs: muy buenas—it’s a general salutation,  Yo soy bella cámara—I am the beautiful camera, me da mucha vergüenza decir que yo soy bella—I’m embarrassed to say that I’m beautiful, a cada uno lo que tiene—an expression that means everyone has something (that can be recognized as valuable)–, vamos a conocernos un poquito mejor—we’re going to get to know each other a little bit  better,  empleando—using, pero porque ahora es nuestro jefe—but because  now he’s our boss (the toy pet), siempre pierdo—I always lose, por lo menos pierdo con éstas personas—at least I lose with these people, pasas un buen rato—you pass( you have, spend), a good time, yo híba a decir algo muy inteligente, pero se me ha olvidado—I was going to say something intelligent(clever or smart), but I have forgotten (what), no digas algo muy inteligente—don’t say anything intelligent (clever or smart),

que miedo me ha dado eso—that scares me, como dijímos en otro momento, bella cámara, no bondadosa cámara—like we said another time, a beautiful camera, not a nice (or kind hearted) camera,  qué cosas habías aprendido—what things have you learned, y no tengo mangas— and I don’t have sleeves, deben de  tener cosas que maten—they  have to have things that kill, a mí me funcionaba—the method worked for him, mejor no lo digas—you better not say it, nos vemos en la mesa de juego—we’ll see you around the  game table, estamos abiertos a cualquiera que quiera visitarnos—we are open to anyone who wants to visit us.


Vocabualry –a travéz de unas sencillas preguntas –through  (by) these easy questions, muñeco-toy pet, cooperativos—cooperative, vale pues—okay then, tiburones-sharks, para un nivel más avanzado- for a more advanced level, mentíra- a lie, estrategia—strategy, por ahí—an expression that means around that—(thereabouts so to speak), todo junto—all together, un placer conocerlos—it’s a pleasure to meet you, no es broma-it’s not a joke(no kidding),

If you want to listen to more Spanish from this entertaining group their material can be found at   https://www.youtube.com/user/LaMazmorradePacheco


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