Our World Interviews–Making Sopa de Fideo



Sopa close up bowl


Description: Veronica describes the dishes that she is making—sopa de fideo and tacos de fideo. (Sopa de fideo is a traditional staple of the Mexican kitchen–sort of like comfort food.)  Veronica makes the dish. While making the dish she talks about her grandmother who taught her how to make the sopa, and the fond memories that the dish evokes.  She makes a particular point of reminding people to take care not to burn the noodles while they are cooking.:-) She also discusses what one can do with the leftover noodle soup—make tacos de fideos the following day  with good corn tortillas–heated on top of the stove of course! (Recipe is at the end of this interview.)


Question: “Hello everyone, welcome to Our World Interviews.  Today we’re back in the kitchen cooking with fideo noodles, a common ingredient found in pantries around the world. Good morning Veronica, how are you this morning?”


Important verbs: vamos a hacer—going to make, la aprendí de mi abuela—I learned it from my grandmother, conozcoI knowera una niña— I was a young girl, empieza—to begin or starttenía—had, quieren agregar—they want to  add, vamos a hacer—going to make,  ponía—putnecesitamos—we need, pueden usar—they can use, le gusta— like, venden—they sell, prefiera—prefer, personalmente a mí me gusta—personally I likenecesitamos—we need, vamos a usar—we’re going to use,  no terminan—don’t finishespesa—it thickens, vamos a freír—we’re going to fry, : estamos friendo—we’re frying, vamos a moler—we’re going to grind in a blender, no queremos quemarlos—we don’t want to burn them,  moviendo constantemente—moving constantly, tenemos quewe have to, no queremos pasta quemada—we don’t want burned pasta, molimos –we blended, estén bien molidos—they are well blended, tiene que estar—has to be, no tenga el sabor crudo—doesn’t have a raw taste, : le vamos agregar agua—we’re going to add water to it,  utilizar—use, cubrimos—we coverbaja la temperature—lower the temperature, estamos esperando—we’re waiting, cocinando—cooking, checarto check on, cuando tengamos—when we have, recuerda—remember, vamos a calentar—we’re going to heat, vamos a tener mucho cuidado—we have to be very careful, para hacer—to make,  calentamoswe heat, vamos a disfrutar—let’s enjoy

Important vocabulary

sopa de fideos—a traditional Mexican pasta soup,  tacos de fideos—tacos made with the fideo noodles. The tacos de fideo are common in Mexico City.

claro que sí—of course, abuela—grandmother, muchas maneras—many ways,

quince años—fifteen years, platillo principal—main dish, pollo—chicken, cualquier—whatever,

una versión vegetariana—vegetarian version, para nuestros amigos vegetarianos—for our vegetarian friends

caldo de rez—beef broth, rico sabor—rich flavor

tres tomates—three tomatoes, media cebolla —one half of an onion, dos dientes de ajo—two cloves of garlic, sal—salt, menta-mint, perejil—parsley, algunas personas—some people, fideos-fideo noodles, un sabor especial—a special flavor, también-

—also, el día siguiente– the following day, aceite—oil, paquete—package, siete onzas—seven ounces, cuatro cucharadas—four tablespoons full

licuadora—blender,   lista—ready, pedazos grandes—large pieces

cerca de cinco minutos—about five minutes

caldo de verduras—vegetable broth, caldo de pollo—chicken broth, mejor sabor—better flavor

tres tazas de líquido—three cups of liquid, seis tazas de líquido

cazuela-large pot, sarten—pan, diez o quince minutos—ten or fifteen minutes,

blandita—tender soft,  cinco minutos—five minutes, duro–hard

para estos tacos—for these tacos, tortillas de maíz—corn tortillas, sobre el fuego—on the fire (when she is referring to a gas stove),


Language Spanish

Recipe: Sopa de fideo y Tacos de Fideo


One 7 oz package of fideo noodles—un paquete de siete onzas

3 tomatoes-tres tomates

½ of a small onion-media cebolla chica

2 cloves of garlic- dos dientes de ajo

Salt-sal, herb like parsley- perejil, cilantro or mint-menta,

Six cups of water – or broth –seis tazas de agua o caldo—,  like beef broth-caldo de res, chicken broth—caldo de pollo or vegetable broth-caldo de vegetales or verduras,

vegetable oil-aceite vegetal


Chop the tomatoes into quarters—cortar los tomates en cuartos

Dice the onion piece–Picar la cebolla

Peel the garlic-pelar el ajo

Put the vegetables aside—colocar a un lado

Fry the noodles until golden brown, moving constantly—freír la pasta hasta que estén dorados, moviendo constantemente

Fry the pasta approximately five minutes– freír la pasta  aproximadamente cinco minutos

Blend all of the vegetables until well blended–Licue todos los vegetales hasta que estén bien molidos

Add the tomato mixture and six cups of water, or broth, to the pasta.  Agregar  la salsa de tomate y seis tazas de agua, o caldo, a la pasta.

Cook on medium heat for 15 or 20 minutes or until the pasta is soft and the soup is thick.     Cocinar a fuego medio durante 15 o 20 minutos o hasta que la pasta esté suave y espesa.

(Make the tacos de fideo the next day with the leftover noodle soup–strain if necessary to remove some of the liquid.   Check out many of the recipes on the web also for tacos de fideo seco.)