Our World Interviews–Reactivando Espacios

Reactivando Espacios es una campaña a favor de los espacios olvidados.


 Reactivando 5 wall flower

Reactivando Espacios is a group of  professionals who bring together cultural, architectural, and artistic  expertise to create new urban spaces from existing “unused spaces” throughout the Americas.  But even more than that,  they  are a group of individuals who  understand the significance of what living in a“community” means.

Their must-see website brings together the elements of art, music and architecture to give  readers a sense of  the communities that they have been involved with–in North, Central and South America!

Anyone interested in language, culture and how we inhabit and improve our urban spaces will love their website!

Reactivando 3 logo on tile


Just click on the little information square– on their site, to see a view of their videos.

There are several videos with bilingual Spanish and English content as well.

I would particularly recommend these ones for language learners.



And I would recommend all of them for those interested in the innovative use of “reusing” urban space.