Our World Interviews–Roodi Zuhair


“Hello everyone, welcome to Our World Interviews—a program of multi-lingual interviews and conversations for language learners everywhere.”

“ Today for our bilingual Arabic and English interview we will be talking to Roodi Zuhair, a local photographer, and wedding photographer, and film school student.”

Summary of interview answers: Mr. Zuhair talks about being interested in photography since he was a teenager, which is  why he took so many classes in this major.  He also describes his  reliance  on ‘Youtube’ tutorials as well. Mr. Zuhair discusses   finding himself and his soul in photography and expresses his intense happiness when he can record the happy moments in people’s lives. His dream is to become an international photographer.

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Questions for Roodi Zuhair

Question: Hello, good afternoon Mr. Zuhair, okay, so why don’t you tell us, can you tell us why you are interested in photography?


انا مهتم بالتصوير منذ كنت صغيرا, وانا متميز به, وحاولت ان اطوره منذ ان كنت في المدرسة. واخذت صفوف كثيره وتعملت اشياء كثيره من مصورين كنت اعمل منهم, ولاحظت باني تطورت كثيرا.

Important verbs: يطوّر- develop, ياخذ – take, تعلم – learn, يعمل – work, يلاحظ – observe.

Important vocabulary: تصوير – photography, صغير – young/kid, صفوف – classes, اشياء- things, مصوّر – photographer.


Question:  “Okay, and did you have any really good art or photography professors in school, and if so, what did they teach you?”


بصارحه, في المدرسه لم يكن هناك معلمين جيدين كفوئين ممكن ان يفيدوني. ولكن في الانترنت تعلمت اشياءا كثيرة, مثل موقع ” اليوتيوب”, مثل كيفيه استعمال الكاميرا, وطرق التعامل مع الاضاءة. في المدرسة تعملت قليلا, لان المعلمين لم يكن لديهم خبرة كافية للتعليم.

Important verbs: يفيد – benefit, يستعمل – use, يتعامل – deal, تعلّم – learn

Important vocabulary: بصراحة – frankly, معلم – teacher, يوتيوب – YouTube, كاميرا – camera, اضاءة – lighting, خبرة – experience, تعليم – teaching.


Question:  “Alright, and what sort of story are you trying to tell with your wedding photography and videos—what kind of story are you telling?”

Important verbs:

يوصل – deliver, ينظر – see , يتفرج – watch

Important vocabulary:

علاقة – relationship, حب  - love,   زوج – husband, زوجة – wife, لحظات جميلة - beautiful moments, فرح – happiness, ذكرى – memory/ souvenir/ remembrance, بعد ذلك – after that

Question: “Okay and can you tell us about one of your favorite or your most memorable photographs that you have taken?”

Important verbs:

يعتز – cherish, يعجب ب – like,   رسم – draw/ paint/ depict, يكتب – write,

 يأخذ – take, يرجع – go back, يصبح – become,  يشتهر – become famous, أختار – choose/ select.

Important vocabulary:

مدرسة – school, منظمة – organization, بحر – sea, قلب – heart, صورة فوتغرافية – photograph,  بيت – house, نهايه end, واقف – standing, كتاب – book

Question:  “Okay wonderful, your wedding photographs and videos are so beautiful and so romantic—how do your clients react when they see them?  They must be really happy, how do they react?”

Important verbs:

يعجب – admire, يقول – say, ينشر – publish, يحمِّل – download, يستمر - continue

Important vocabulary:

شكراً- thank you,  زبائن – clients/ customers, فيديو – video, فرحان – happy, اكثر واكثر – more and more, شغل- work/business, ناس – people

Question:  “So, what motivates you to continue taking pictures?”

Important verbs: يحب- love, يتكلم – speak, يصل – reach.

Important vocabulary: أفلام- movies/ clips, ناس كبار- well known people, مثلهم – like them, شهرة – fame/ renown, هدف – target, مرحلة كبيرة – important stage, أريد ان أحقق احلامي – I want to make my dreams come true, مُصَوّر عالمي – International photographer.

“Okay you know your portraits are really beautiful can you tell us where people can see some of your photos and find out more about your photography and your business?”

Question: “Okay, well that was our interview with Rood Zuhair, photographer and film studies student.”

And  good bye everyone, thank you again (to listening), thank you again for  listening to another Our World Interviews—a program of multi-lingual interviews and conversations for language lovers everywhere.  See ya next time.